Hobo Fishing Trail and Miracle Hot Springs

The Hobo Fishing Trail 2310′ & The Miracle Hot Springs

The Kern River

The Kern River from the Hobo Fishing Trail.


The Hobo Fishing Trail and Miracle Hot Springs hike is a total blast! You will parallel a very scenic portion of the Kern River, and there are two campgrounds involved, two trails, lots of beaches, historic artifacts, and of course the Miracle Hot Springs.This class 1 loop hike is 3 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 673 feet. This hike can take several hours if you take your time and explore.


This trail is accessible at all times of the year though it is used most often during the summer by campers. This hike is nice anytime though it does get warm in the summer. Also, if the rain is heavy on a given year the river will rise, and can potentially block sections of the trail. You can check the weather here.


  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Click on GET DIRECTIONS
  3. Type your home address
  4. Copy and Paste 35.574824, -118.530620 into the destination cell.
  5. Click here to download the HOBO FISHING TRAIL AND MIRACLE HOT SPRINGS kml file.

When you reach the entrance just veer left under the Miracle Hot Springs sign and park. A Southern Sierra Pass is required to park here. Here is a link to some history of the area.


  1. Locate the parking area.
  2. Hike east into the Hobo Campground.
  3. Follow the road or hike along the river east and then north until you reach the cul-de-sac.
  4. At the cul-de-sac locate the Hobo Fishing Trail sign. Hike north on the Hobo Fishing Trail 31E74. If you get off the trail just hike north along the river and you will find it again because the trail parallels the river.
  5. You will come to a trail sign at the Sandy Flat Campground.
  6. If you want to then you can keep hiking north along the river. There are beaches and nice places to look at near the river.
  7. At some point head back south to the trail at the Sandy Flat Campground.
  8. Head south on the Hobo Fishing Trail to the Hobo Campground.
  9. Hike south and then west through the campground to the Miracle Springs Parking area.
  10. Continue hiking west to the end of the parking lot where you will find the Miracle Hot Springs Trail.
  11. Follow the trail a short distance to the Miracle Hot Springs. If you watch closely near the river while you hike then you will see the steam coming up from the springs which will help you locate them.
  12. After you enjoy the Hot Springs head back east on the Miracle Hot Springs trail to the car. If you investigate near the river here by the parking area you will notice that there is equipment on the river that the kayakers use for training. Sometimes if you’re lucky you will see them there practicing.