Sunday Peak


Sunday Peak

The beautiful Sunday Peak hike is located on the forested Greenhorn Summit.


Sunday Peak is short up-and-back hike located on the Greenhorn Summit in the Kern River Valley. There used to be a fire lookout on the summit, and the view is fantastic. This forest hike is on a maintained trail, and it is just over 3 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1100 feet. From the summit you can see hundreds of prominent features including Mount Whitney, Dome Rock, Black Mountain, and much more. At a casual speed this hike takes between two and three hours. Sunday Peak is a perfect place for the family to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.


Sunday Peak is accessible all year round, but in the winter the access road is closed due to ice and snow, but it is possible to snow shoe or cross country ski to the trailhead. If the snow has melted but the gate is locked it is a nice mountain bike to the trailhead. The gate is usually open so that you can drive to the trailhead from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but these dates fluctuate due to the weather. If the snow is clear the gates remain open, and if there is snow the gates close. You can call the Kernville Ranger Station to see if the gate is open.


  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Click on GET DIRECTIONS
  3. Type your home address
  4. Copy and Paste  35.788297, -118.576869 into the destination cell.
  5. Download the SUNDAY PEAK kml track.

When you get to the top of the Greenhorn Summit on CA-155 you will see a sand shed on the north side of the road. On the west side of the sand shed you will see a dirt road heading north which is FSR 24S15 or Rancheria Road. Just follow the dirt road for approximately 5.6 miles and there is a parking area on your left.


The Sunday Peak Stovepipe Cache set in July of 2004 is located at the summit.


  1. You will see the sign from the parking area. Hike up there and just follow the Sunday Peak  Trail (31E59).
  2. Hike west up the trail through the beautiful forest. After about a mile in the forest you will see a bunch of cairns and a small sign on a tree. Turn left as the sign indicates and do not go straight.
  3. Hike on the trail to the summit.
  4. To get back you just go down the trail to your car.